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At Focus Cloud, you'll get the chance to transform into a true specialist in an incredibly valuable field. You'll be 100% focused on your chosen tech specialism, so there's no need to stretch yourself too thin. The specialist skills and knowledge you'll gain will elevate your career prospects in Cloud Tech Recruitment. You'll be working with interesting and innovative clients and candidates, and get the chance to contribute to the evolution of a ground-breaking industry. Discover more about our brands below.


Focus on WD

Our expertise in the Workday® ecosystem is the cornerstone of our identity at Focus Cloud Group. This deep knowledge and specialisation set us apart, making us the foremost experts in our domain. As the first brand to fully concentrate on the global scope of Workday®, we've established a solid foundation of unique expertise and unwavering commitment.

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Cognitive Group

Focus on Microsoft

Having been around the longest, our Microsoft brand (Cognitive - Focus on Microsoft) works with some of the largest Microsoft Consultancies and End-Users, including Microsoft themselves. With dedicated teams for both permanent and contract recruitment, you can become a specialist in Account Management, Business Development, Delivery and more. 

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Focus on SAP

Our SAP brand, Focus on SAP, are well-known within the SAP recruitment market, and have some heavy-hitting accounts on board. Business Development, Delivery, Account Management - they're all on the cards. So whether you want to bring in new business or serve our existing clientelle, the opportunity to elevate your knowledge and reputation within a thriving ecosystem is at your fingertip

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Salesforce Recruitment

Focus on Salesforce

Focus on Salesforce is our dedicated brand to the Salesforce ecosystem. If you want to join a small but mighty team that are making waves with an enviable client list, then this is the opportunity for you. Whether you'd like to hone your specialist skills in permanent or contract recruitment, consultancy or end-user service offerings, or expand your expertise into a different geographical region, Focus on Salesforce has a place for you.

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Dayforce Recruitment

Focus on DF

By joining Focus on DF, our dedicated Dayforce© brand, you'll get the opportunity to capitalise on the rapid growth of the Dayforce© product. We launched Focus on DF in May 2023, and have experienced unprecedented success so far. As an official Dayforce© Recruitment Partner, you'll have the opportunity to shape Dayforce© programmes across various regions, and contribute to the evolution of the practice and ecosystem on its journey across the globe.

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Focus on CloudSales

Focus on CloudSales is our dedicated Cloud Tech Sales brand, and works well alongside the tech specialisms we cover at the Focus Cloud Group. With doors open to you across multiple ecosystems, including (but not limited to) Workday®, Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce, ServiceNow and Dayforce©, you could see major expansion in your client and candidate network, and contribute to the growth of the most innovative and exciting growing technologies of our times.

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